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Lucy ThomasDirector and founder
Number one for: Vision. With the tech revolution, Lucy could see the possibilities for even the smallest business to better access management accounts and accounting information traditionally only open to bigger firms. Lucy thinks accountants sometimes get a bad press and can be viewed as an extra overhead, rather than a valued partner. She’s set on turning this around with a jargon-free, client-focused service giving so much more than a set of annual figures!

Historical returns: Lucy started off as a trainee accountant in 2000 before qualifying in 2006, and has worked with businesses from multi-million pound companies to sole traders and start-ups. When Lucy founded Zest in 2015, she wanted to put everything she had learned into practice – but do it better!

Zest for: When not juggling the demands of three children, Lucy loves to be in open, green space or at a cocktail bar…

Tracey GoatcherPayroll guru and accounts assistant
Number one for: Management. Tracey handles our clients’ weekly and monthly payroll, as well as CIS reporting, auto-enrolment duties and generally ensuring all our clients are compliant with ever-changing HMRC rules and legislation. She also helps Lucy out on the accounts side of things; as a Xero certified advisor, she can step in at the drop of a hat!

Historical returns: Having worked together 15 years ago, Tracey was at the forefront of Lucy’s calculations for business growth! She joined the team in May 2016, bringing more than 20 years of payroll and accounting experience with her and adding up to a fantastic investment.

Zest for: When she’s not keeping clients on the straight and narrow, Tracey can be found happily sipping wine and planning her next holiday in the sun.

Phil EvansBookkeeper and Xero champ
Number one for: The detail. Phil takes care of all our Xero bookkeeping and invoice processing, as well as preparing quarterly VAT returns.

Historical returns: Phil’s previous career within the Armed Forces and NHS meant challenging work and worldwide travels. Ready for a quieter time, Phil started with Zest in October 2015. Initially responsible for helping with admin, he took a shine to Xero and made the role his own, becoming another Xero certified adviser!

Zest for: Out of hours, Phil’s a big fan of Welsh rugby. Come to think of it, he’s a big fan of any sport that can be watched with a pint in hand…

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